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Related post: Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 23:44:43 +0100 (BST) From: Jak Off Subject: "Refreshing Water" ICQ: 45862060All the usual warnings apply. Be legal. Be interested. Be an adult. Simple!I know it's cheating teen housewife porn been a while! But random teen porn summer is coming and there are plenty of long, hot days of hardcore writing ahead! free teen ass porn Thanks to everyone who wrote to me over the past few months, its nice to know that people are still enjoying this stuff. Please note the new email address incidentally. If you wrote to the old address you should have had details of the new one anyway.Enjoy this then! Refreshing WaterThis summer was turning out to be much hotter and much longer than any summer I had known before. It seemed as if the sun was getting hotter and hotter with every day that past. Not that I cared. I'd long since finished college for the summer and all I had to do was kick back and relax.Sam was the younger brother of my best mate, Charlie. He had just turned 17 and approaching his last year at high school. I hadn't really paid too much attention to him until this summer. He'd always been the little kid that was hanging on to our 'group'. But the old order had changed. Most of my old friends had moved away, either to college or to get well paid jobs in the city. Perhaps that was part of the reason why Sam had started to catch my eye.I think I teen porn videosfree first noticed him on a Monday morning a couple of weeks ago at the start of teens being fucked June. He was at the front of his house, which is just a couple of doors down from ours on the other side of the road. He was washing the windows. Even by 11am that morning the heat had started to rise like a bread oven. That was why he had his T-shirt off. He'd tucked the tattered piece of white cotton into the waistband of his obscenely small red shorts. 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Looking back on it now, I young virgin teen porn can see that Sam had always had the makings of a pretty cute guy about him. I suppose it's not the kind of thing you appreciate in a little ten year old kid who has been sent out to spend the day with his big brother and his friends.He was tall and teen titans tara porn tan. He had this jet black hair that the light of the sun seemed to reflect right off. He had it slicked back this particular morning. It was as if he had just stepped out of the shower. His ass was covered by a double layer, to my frustration totally obliterating any chances of me evaluating tight it was. But I had already guessed from the way the rest of him, his arms and the back of his pictures of gay teens legs looked, that his ass would probably been in keeping with the rest of his body.Yeah, his legs. At the time all I was being treated to was a back view, but that was good enough for me. Holding him up tall, long, firm and with a gentle covering of light brown/blond hairs. He wasn't wearing anything on his feet either. And they were big! My mind began to work overtime as for the first time I became aware of my hand groping at the front of my own shorts. It didn't take long for my body to respond.I had to move into a position from which I could not be seen as Sam turned around. From this angle I wondered why I hadn't taken a good look at him a lot sooner. babe teen porn pictures He wiped a few beads of sweat from his forehead. I noticed the small yet thick patch of black hairs that twin teen porn gallery matted against his arm pit. I tried to imagine his scent as his hand plunged the wash cloth back into the bucket of soapy water. His big brown eyes were wide open, alert and taking everything in. Sam had free teen porn picters the cutest button type nose, maybe somewhat out of keeping with the man that he was turning into, but a turn on for me nevertheless. 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I had plenty of porn to keep me happy all day, everyday. And a sex drive to match. Yet as good as my left hand was for relieving the stresses of the day, or in my case, the hour, my mind knew it was no substitute for the fun I'd been having back at college.Like I said, I don't know bit tit teens whether it was the heat, lack of sex or a combination of both that was starting to get to my brain, but I started considering ways to relieve my frustrations. Seeing the way that the cute kid brother of my best friend was turning feree teen porn into a real man, I just sort of lost it. There are something's a man has just got to do. I decided that this man needed to get himself teen male porn pics a piece of action. Sam would be that action.Of course, there was stuff I had to do before getting on to the technicalities of forming a plan to actually get Sam into my bed or the nearest teen sex casting available hard surface. Most of that stuff entailed me laying on my brother Andy's bed with my legs rolled asain teen porn back, plunging a finger or two deep into my puckered hole while working out my meat a bit more with the other. It had been a couple of weeks cute teen nude galleries since I discovered the reason why Andy had put this huge mirror at the foot of his bed. Little did he know that it was handy for the both of us.By the time I had finished, cleaned up and put on a fresh pair of shorts, Sam had of course finished with the windows. All that was left to remind me of him was the little pools of water on the ground. Even they were starting to be dried up by the intense heat. It was whilst stirring at these fast drying puddles that it struck me - water.I grabbed the nearest shirt I could find and threw it over my heaving chest. Almost running into the kitchen I grabbed a spanner out of one of the drawers. I knew that Dad's obsession with fixing stuff would come in handy one day. I went over to the basin and looked at the taps, trying to decide if my plan really was workable. It looked it. I placed the spanner on the very youngest nude teens nut just underneath the tap and gave it a couple of turns, enough for it to wobble as it became loose. I replaced the spanner back in the drawer. Taking a deep breath, I turned the tap on. Almost in an instant, as planed, the tap came off in my hand and water gushed forward like the biggest ejaculation in the world -- this is bikini porn teen foto what I was hoping my plan would turn into -- soaking me and spraying water out and onto the kitchen floor.Without wasting anymore time working out whether the idea was a good one or not, I ran out of the house, over the road and hammered on the door of Sam's house. Sure enough the stud himself opened the door. He seemed genuinely teen gay galleries hardcore teen porn taken aback to be greeted by my, my shirt already transparent because of the amount of water deposited on me. Breathlessly I stammered something about taps, water, the kitchen and teen nude art russian flooding. Right at this moment I was pretty damn glad teen boy ass I took that drama module in college last term.Phase one complete. Sam had taken the bait. He didn't waste any time either. He just slammed the door shut behind him. Leaving me standing there, one half of my brain considering the problems I had caused with a couple of gallons of water pouring onto the kitchen floor, but the other trying to take in as much of this stud, wearing just those same small red shorts.Quickly I gathered myself together and lead the way back to my house. When we got to the kitchen I recall that all thoughts of my grand plan disappeared for a second when I realised the extent of the flooding I had caused. Still, it was worth it. Sam stood prgo teen porn in the centre of the room, with me by his side, the pair of us being rained upon as the water teen solo porn continued to flow. It was like a communal shower in the free fat teen porn middle of my kitchen. In that brief moment I was able to look over at Sam. Or rather Sam's chest. I marvelled at the way the water dripped over his him, down between his pecs and the way it came off in small droplets from his hard nipples.Sam shouted for me to get under the sink to try to find the stopper while he attempted to stop too much more water from flowing out onto the floor. Immediately I saw Sam stand in front of the sink, his legs spread wide whilst his hands wrestled with the forceful jet of water. I dived in between those hairy tree trunks and into the small dark cupboard.He was shouting that I needed to hurry up and find it. I could see his crotch from my position under the sink. I could look at it without him seeing. I young girls teen porn was transfixed by it. Encased in those red shorts that were becoming wetter and wetter with every porn boys teen free passing moment. I regained my senses in time to reach for the stopper and turn it until the flow gradually subsided and eventually stopped.By now I was on my back, positioning myself to at least get a good look up Sam's shorts as I emerged from in between his legs. I moved too quickly though and hit my head on one of the water pipes. Genuinely concerned, Sam at last let go of the once gushing tap and crouched down to see if I was ok. Of course I teen piss drinking porn was and continued my way out from the dingy cupboard, but accidentally knocked him off balance. On the slippery wet floor he had no chance and skidded down.I stopped babyface teen free porn moving. We were in an uncomfortable situation. I had Sam right were I wanted him, but I had never planned for it to work out like this. He ended up laying on his belly on the wet adolescent teen porn floor. His head pushed up dangerously close to my crotch. Sam looked up at me. Half hanging out of the cupboard, water dripping off me. His lips I imagined were in teen tiny tits perfect alignment with my dick. Only my wet black football shorts separated his skin from mine. I couldn't help myself. I had to close my eyes and swallow hard."You're a bit wet." I said, desperately trying to break this awkward silence. It was of course about the most stupidest thing I think I've ever said in nude teen pageants my life, but it worked. It cracked him up almost as much as me.We stopped laughing after a while. I saw a bright teen porn pay sites white smile on his face. I knew where I wanted those pale red lips. "Shit." He said. I looked at teen nude video him puzzled. "I've locked myself out of the house.""I'm teen latin porn movies really sorry about that mate." I said, seeing an opportunity to put the big plan back on track. "Grab some dry stuff off me until you can get back in." I told him.He thanked me and then pulled himself up from between my legs. As he stood up porn teen video I noticed that the front of his shorts had been soaked through by the water that had gathered on the floor. They were no longer concealing anything and I was impressed. I could clearly see the outline of his cock, thick and juicy resting on top of his balls, sliding seductively against the inside of his thighs.Sam grinned as he too noticed his predicament. He took hold of the material and shook it a bit, trying to hide something of himself. Then he reached out a hand and helped me up from the floor. I pretended to look around at the damage in the room when I got to my feet. I pealed off my soaking wet T-shirt and threw it into the washing machine. I did a bit blonde teen nude porn more looking around. Casually I turned around and looked at Sam. To my astonishment, his eyes were fixated on me. Or rather they had been looking at a particular bit of me until I just turned around."What!?" I asked, grinning at extremely young nude teens him. Sam must gay teen movies of realised I'd caught him looking because he just shrugged it off and said that we should probably dry off before clearing all the mess up. I wasn't about to argue with him on that one, so I lead him back through the house and upstairs towards my bedroom.I just started chatting to him a little. I asked about Charlie and how he was getting on at school. He told me that he had started playing lots of different sports in the past year or two. I guessed that's where the hot body was coming from. I told him so. Not exactly like that, I was still testing the water, but I made it plain that I had noticed his finely chiselled features.Pointing to my sexy nude teen models chest of drawers, I told Sam to grab something out of the top one while I went teen porn cp to the bathroom to grab us a couple of towels. My mind raced with a million and one different thoughts as I grabbed the nearest two towels I could find. I had definitely caught Sam looking at my ass. Surely that meant he was interested. I just had to work out how to tip this boy one stage further. Turning looking into porn teen pictures touching.When I got back in to my bedroom, Sam was still standing at the open drawer looking through the stuff. "I can't find anything but your boxers in here" he told me "and I don't think you want me wearing a pair of those." How wrong can one guy be? I thought to myself. But just laughed a little at his comment.I went up to the drawers and nauty teen porn stood next to Sam. The water was still rolling down his skin a little. He turned to look at me. Those big brown eyes inviting me to dive right in. I had to look away as I felt a stirring in my wet shorts. I told him that all my summer shorts were at the back of this deep drawer. I searched through a couple of the piles and deliberately pulled out a pair that had been in there for a few years now. Bright blue and obviously too small for Sam. Just what he needed!"Here, how about th^." I stopped in teen porn girlfriends mid sentence as I felt a hand on my back. My mouth dried up and all the words I wanted to say seemed to get stuck inside my throat. I just looked straight ahead. I felt fingers playing around the waistband teen april pics porn on the back of my shorts. My dick reacted immediately and started to swell even in the confines of teen titins porn the wet material.The hand went below the waistband and hardcored teen porn started to gently stroke my smooth ass cheeks. Finally I was top teen porn pics able to move my head and I looked over at Sam. He had his eyes closed, a look of concentration on his face. His cute button nose wrinkled as he sucked on his lower lip. I watched nude teen modles his chest pump up and down as he breathed harder and faster. Small beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. His hand felt like an ice stick on my burning ass.As my drunken teen porn taboo head stopped spinning with what had happened, I realised that real young teen sex I needed to give Sam some sort of sign to let him know that he'd done exactly what I wanted -- even if I hadn't planned on him making the first move. I raised a hand up to his hard chest and ran my fingers over his erect nipples. I saw as Sam visible relaxed. He stopped chewing on his bottom lip and gave out a broad smile. At last he opened his seductive brown eyes and turned to face me. We didn't say anything, just smiled and recognised the lust in each other's eyes.Sam continued to play with my ass as I pinched, stroked and tweaked at his hot nipples. They seemed to get harder and harder as I pressed them between my finger and thumb, alternating from the left to the right one and back again. His whole upper body was so firm like that of a developing athlete, yet smooth enough to remind me that he was yet to finish high school.His index finger slipped in between my ass cheeks. I could feel the tip of his finger brushing against the few hairs that lined the route to my hole. I think that my own pulse rate increased in time with Sam's as I felt him come nearer and nearer to fingering me. I wanted him to touch me so badly. I could feel an aching in my balls, willing him to go closer porn sex teen to his goal. I wanted this kid in every free crazy teen porn way imaginable.He didn't let me down. I let out a slutty teen cheerleader porn deep throated moan of pleasure as Sam hit the circle of tight skin that made up my ass hole as he hit it with his finger. I tried to push back on him, but he was determined to work me up into a frenzy in the mid day heat. I moved my hand down from his chest to get my first touch of Sam's dick. Now rock hard and tenting his little red shorts. As I had seen him soft in the kitchen just a bit earlier I thought I knew what I was in for. But uniform teen porn my hand was greeted by something much bigger than I had expected straining the thin material of his shorts.There was no doubt that Sam had grown up a lot in photos gay teen porn the past few years! He really was a big boy. I estimated that he was at least as big as my eight inches, if not slightly bigger. And his cock was thick. Seriously thick. I don't know why but for a moment I thought of Sam's brother Charlie -- my best friend. I had seen him naked in the showers after a hard game of football plenty of times before. Charlie was a big guy, but I wondered if he knew that his kid brother was a bigger man than him.Sam got the message as I wrapped my fist around his steel like shaft. He took his hand out of my shorts and moved behind me. I could feel his body heat reflected off my hot teen indain porn back as he moved in closer to me. He pressed himself right up against me. First I felt his lips on the base of my neck. Next his hard nipples as they pressed their way into my flesh. Then Sam forced his dick up against my ass. It was as if he had lined it up directly with my crack. We just stood like this for a moment. Only our hijab teen slut porn wet shorts, wet not just with the water from downstairs, but now with a mixture of our juices, separating our skin.He started to grind teen amatuer porn himself in to me. Slowly, purposefully with a gentle rhythmic thrust. I could only moan through my slightly open lips as he wrapped his arms around my waist and then pushed his hands down into the front of my shorts. He managed to push my shorts down a little way, finally releasing my painfully erect dick from it's material prison. Gently he began wanking me. Pulling my foreskin back and sex teens forth over the shiny red head. Just like I had imagined him doing in the shower only a few hours before.I think I nearly came twice as Sam skilfully played with my cock. He obviously knew what he was doing. Years of adolescent experience coming to the fore. Finally he stopped. But only to pull my shorts down. I let them fall around my ankles. Before he started again, I felt Sam pull away slightly, and the sound of cotton hitting the floor gave the game away. Coupled with an incredible, sensual heat hitting my ass, I knew that the last items separating our hot, wet bodies had gone.Once again Sam pushed right up against me. This time I felt his big dick push it's way between my ass cheeks. I clenched them tight around his hard iron bar. Sam reached around and took hold of free japanees teen porn my dick with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. He lay his head on my shoulders and we stood. Moving our bodies against each other slowly. My best mate's little brother and me. Pressed together. Naked. In my bedroom.He kissed me again on my neck. In a horse whisper he asked "can we fuck please Brad?". I smiled. It sounded almost innocent coming from his lips. I smiled. I wondered if he'd ever been in this situation before. "yes." Was all I told him.It was as if I could see the big smile that must have lit up his entire face porn teen pic art when I told him that he was going to do it for the first time. I hadn't planned it like that. If I'm being honest it was me that wanted to get him to lay back on my bed. To throw his legs over my shoulders. I had wanted to line my eight inch dick up with his hot little hole and plunge deep into this new high school senior. I wanted to watch him buck up and down on my dick as I broke his virgin ass for the first time. But it seemed right to let the little guy have his moment of glory now. And I really wanted him to do it to me.Sam pulled away and I felt his hands immediately go to my ass cheeks once again. I pushed my ass out and bent over a little as he spread them wide to reveal his ultimate prize. I heard him moan a little when his eyes saw what he was about to penetrate. He moved one hand off my ass to grab hold of his dick. I felt him move forward again. This time his dick in hand, ready to go for it. I felt Sam rub the blunt head of his dick up and down my ass. I shuddered each time he rolled the head, leaking precum up and down my crack, over my puckered hole.Then he did something that I never expected he would. He pulled away again. I was about to ask what was wrong, when I felt his hand holding on to my legs as Sam dropped down to his knees behind me. Between my legs I could see his face. Those deep teen porn with lesbo hot video porn teen brown eyes once again trying to take in everything around him. He edged closer to my ass again, long teen porn clips spreading my the cheeks, he moved indian teen nude his face in. I almost passed out as I felt Sam press his lips up against my hole.I pushed myself back on his face. He buried himself up my crack. I could feel his button nose pressing against my skin as he swirled his tongue around the circle of my hole. I pushed out a little way, allowing him to just get the tip of his tongue inside me. I could see free gay teen porn that Sam was pumping away on his own dick as he pushed his tongue ever deeper into me. The feeing was incredible and there was no way I could stop myself from taking a firm grip of my own cock and jerking it a couple of times.His tongue just seemed to inject itself higher and higher up my chute. Sam was trying to taste every last part of me as I felt him press and probe at the soft walls of my hot tunnel. He kept stretching my hole out wide. Like a top porn teen considerate lover preparing me for the hottest sex of my entire life. I was sure that's what it was going to be.I swear that if Sam had kept up prodding and probing at my inner most parts for much longer I would have been unable to stop myself from spraying a huge load all over the carpet. But I wanted to save it for something much more memorable than that. Thankfully, he must have sensed that I was getting closer and closer every time he swirled his tongue deeper into my hole. Wiping latina teen hardcore porn around the sides of nadia teen porn my chute teen nude camp one last time, soaking me up good and proper to the point that some of his saliva began to drip down my legs, he pulled his face away. Sam saw me watching him between my legs and he grinned back at me. Like a naughty school boy, pleased with his achievement.Standing up straight I walked over to my bed. I sat down on the edge of it and watched as Sam stood up. As if an automatic reaction, he took hold of his throbbing cock and stroked it a couple of times. It was the first time that I had got a chance to see Sam naked properly. Unlike me, but very much like his brother, Sam was circumcised. I also saw that my earlier estimate was hd teen porn about right. Same was about the same size as me, but much thicker. He had a small patch of dark pubic hair sitting above his dick. His balls were already clenched tightly into his body. Just waiting to deposit chines teen porn their load deep teen porn mature girls inside my body.He stood before me and looked down. I smiled at him and kissed his firm stomach. The makings of washboard abs before too long I thought to myself. I pushed Sam's leagl teen porn hand from his cock and replaced it with my own. His eyes grew wider still as he saw me moving my mouth towards his cock. He jerked back slightly and gave out an excited moan as I pressed my lips around the head of his tool. Getting a taste of his precum. Salty and sweet all at the same time. His dick throbbed in my mouth as I turned my tongue around and around it many times over, trying to soak my saliva into his hard skin.With my free hand I played with his balls. His sac was covered in a light sprinkling of course hairs. I rolled his nuts around and played with them for a moment as the tip of my tongue lightly pressed into his piss slit. I lapped up more and more of his precum, mixing it lesbian teens samples inside my mouth before liberally painting it onto Sam's hard shaft.Finally, I let his dick fall out of my mouth. I saw just how wet teen sex porn his massive tool was and felt a little more confident about it sliding into my small hole. I looked up at Sam's expectant face, determined to do a good job as I lay back on my bed. He seemed to know exactly what to do. He lifted my legs up and placed them over his shoulders. I loved the feeling of my hairy calves on his smooth shoulders.I watched as Sam took hold of his dick once again and stepped up to stand firmly between my teen vaginal sex porn legs, spread wide open, my wet hole on costumed teen porn view, ready for him to go in. He groaned as the head of his cock pressed up against my hole. All of the air in my lungs rushed out quickly as I felt him start to slide into me. He looked straight into my eyes, a look of concern crossed his face for a moment. I smiled at him and Sam soon got the message. He continued to push.Both of us moaned and groaned as Sam entered deep into me. It was like he was gang rape teen porn pushing his whole body into me. I felt my hole stretch to the limit as his thick cock pressed the walls apart, lodging himself against the walls of my chute. It was like a million and one different nerve endings tingled deep inside me as I felt the blunt head, still spraying precum inside me, travelling deep within me.Sam collapsed on top of me as his cock grazed against the side of my prostate, threatening to send me spilling over the edge. I let out a huge moan deep from inside me. I could feel Sam's pubes pressing in my ass crack. It was like I could feel his balls churning inside his sac as they pressed up against my body. Sam's dick continued to throb inside me. Gently hitting my prostate what seemed like a hundred times a second. My own cock throbbed in time with him.My porn teen pictures free hands moved to his face, lifting him up from off my neck. He opened his eyes and I kissed him straight on the lips. This seemed to give him the energy he needed. Almost in an instant, he heaved his chest off mine, grinned that cute smirk of his again and pulled himself almost all of the way out of me. I felt strangely empty as the inside walls of my chute closed teen pussy stories back to a more manageable size, before that blunt head amatuer porn male teen ploughed like an express train back inside me once again.Sam grunted and groaned with each thrust. He became faster and yet shallower at the same time. Not taking as much of his cock out as before. I could still feel it sliding against the sides of my hole though. Liquid oozed out from the point were our two bodies were joining together, easing Sam's entry into me.It was his masculine grunts. So grown up for one so young I think that pushed me further than I had ever been with any man before. I let my legs slip down from his shoulders and wrapped them around his ass, pulling all of him deep inside me. I think that it was more than his seventeen year old body could stand. I knew it was certainly more teen blondes lesbian than I could stand. In that instant I felt my own dick start to pump what seemed like gallons and gallons of cum between our bodies. Sam fell down on top of me, our chests being covered in my juice.As soon as his body hit mine, I felt his balls draw up even tighter against my ass crack. He cried out, grunting and moaning as I felt his cock twitching violently deep inside me, unleashing his own cream into my body.All too soon the vibrations stopped. We both started to calm down. Sam's by now watery eyes looked deep into mine and I flashed him another reassuring smile. He lay down on top of me once again. The sticky mess of my cum and our sweat was like glue for our bodies. Sam's dick started to go soft inside me. I could feel his juice starting to drip gently from my ass hole. It was a feeling I wanted to hold on to forever.Like the water that hit my body in the shower that morning. Sam on top of me, his cum inside and porn russian teen virgin over me. Nothing would ever feel this refreshingly new again. 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